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Oufeiya city civilization


Now each big city the size of bank business hall, deposit, for business people flocked, citizens consciously stand in the bank to set up a noodle lined up outside waiting for business and good order at the scene Banks, post offices and other "oufeiya" to remind people and others keep a certain distance, and line up in order, people consciously comply with this provision, but also reflects the city's civilization.

Nowadays, more and more people like credit card spending, found in the city much home supermarket, shopping malls, in front of the cashier on the ground did not like banks that delimit "oufeiya", credit card spending has to be carried on under the watchful eyes of the people,, many people feel the credit card is not at ease, always feel eyes staring at her. So most of the businesses are in favor of, supermarkets, shopping malls should take protective measures, let the customer password peep to minimize the possibility, for example, at the cashier's desk design "oufeiya" or password baffle, near the cashier posted similar "please you in front of the customer to leave some space" prompt, is a humanized service.

Our society is ideological foundation of queuing, everyone wants to have quality, all want to life in an orderly society, but also the lack of a good atmosphere for the queuing. Juzuo bus of the example. In fact, most of the time I would also like to queue waiting, but no team in a row, after and before the bus stop in the position suddenly suddenly, you want to row also don't know how to row.

So as soon as the popularity of the bus and some area of public personnel crowded place waiting area, set up queue guardrails and other hardware facilities and arrange staff beside persuasion, let the public know in where the line, how to achieve an orderly queue and successfully sit on the train. It can be seen that the concept of "oufeiya", have been gradually win support among the people.

Order in line, civilized life has become a potential choice for urban life.