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To narrow the gap between China’s plastic mold industry to do a good job of "high precision"


HC hardware in recent years, China plastic mold industry development rapidly, reflecting the technical content in the products continue to improve, continue to shorten the manufacturing cycle. But compared with the advanced level of foreign plastic mold, there is still no small gap.

"High precision" is the focus of development

The plastic mold industry in China's current and future development, to cooperate closely in key projects, iron and steel, petrochemical, shipbuilding, automobile, textile, light industry, nonferrous metals, defense industry and the electronic information industry nine, enhance manufacturing capacity of large mould, precision injection mold, high-grade mold standard parts; to achieve localization and high quality mold steel, improve the mold material supply system, provide a variety of specifications and grades of comprehensive materials, greatly reduce the die production preparation cycle; improve the mould of new materials, new plastic molding technology and high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistant plastic products R & D capability; improve information management and integration of the enterprise's overall mold manufacturing level.

-- in the key functional parts of the national major project, the mold industry in the manufacturing industry in the important position. Therefore, we must focus on the research and the high strength, Gao Ren, high wear-resistant plastic products of high strength, high speed railway, urban rail transit project supporting the large aircraft project, high speed railway and urban rail transit project.

- the current service for the automotive industry accounts for about of the total production of mold production, in the automotive industry is more developed countries, for the automotive service mold often accounts for more than 40% of its total die production. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, car models continue to update, the car to high-speed, comfort, style development, the body structure will become increasingly complex, the requirements of the mold to large-scale, complex, high precision direction. Car energy on the demand for green environmental protection is also increasing, the car has a 10% weight drop, can save fuel 6%~8%. Plastic steel is the only way for car light weight. Therefore, we should vigorously develop energy saving, to plastic steel production process and mold manufacturing technology.

- - experts had expected in 2010 and vehicle matching plastic products amounted to 150 million tons; and matching appliances plastic parts, insulation materials, packaging materials required for 400 million tons of synthetic resin; real estate development and supporting the building materials, PVC, PE, PP, PS, PC, PUR and other plastic material demand will reach 600 million tons. Therefore, we must accelerate the wood plastic composite material injection molding technology, plastic metal composite injection forming technology research and plastic special-shaped high speed extrusion die technology research.

With the rapid development of global network and communication technology, the communication speed is improved, the mobile phone, mobile phone, portable computer is small and lightweight, and the technology of docking plug-in packaging, ultra thin forming technology, light plastic forming technology and die precision are increasingly high requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to study the technology of ultra thin forming, ultra precision forming and high precision mould manufacturing technology.